Sunny Sunflower facts……..


Did you know Sunflowers are the only flower with the name flower in its name!!!

“Helianthus” is the scientific name for a Sunflower, Helia for Sun and Anthus for Flower.

Sunflowers are said to be the symbol of faith, loyalty and adoration.

They follow the movement of the sun across the sky from east to west, and this process is known as  heliotropism.

Sunflowers are one of the fastest growing plants on an average they grow up to 8-12 feet within six months.

The Guinness world record for the tallest sunflower is 25 feet 5 ½ inches, grown by M Heijims in Oirschot, Netherlands in1986.

The Sunflower with largest flower head is 32 ¼ inches in diameter (measured from the outer tip of the petal on one side to the outer tip of the petal on the opposite side), was grown by Emily Martin in Maple Ridge, British Columbia,  Canada in 1983.




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